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Bulk SMS - API Gateway

What is Bulk SMS?

In marketing industry SMS stands for Smart Marketing Services. The charges for SMS on mobile phones is very high especially when sending multiple messages and exorbitant when sending to other networks.

Bulk SMS service is used to send a mobile message to multiple mobile’s through internet. Bulk text messaging basically refers to an advertising medium where the organizations send single promotional information to many individuals at the same time. Many reputed companies are making use of enterprise mobile messaging for promoting their product because of its low cost nature. The advantages of Bulk messaging services are cost effectiveness, time saving, instant delivery of messages and instant measurable response for the sent SMS from the recipients.

bulk sms

Continuous technical updates have changed not only our lifestyle but also our work style. Transformation of mobile and cellular technology has lead to the use of Bulk SMS as a preferred choice by enterprises, especially for marketing purpose. Large target audience and mass campaigning have become a necessity for business these days, hence a new concept has emerged called the Bulk Messaging.

Chances of remembering SMS are higher than remembering an email and also that reach of short messaging service is very wide spread; hence Bulk SMS gives an added advantage on Branding & Marketing.

Customized text message services can be described as a way of making it possible to send SMS in your name or organization to any number of subscribers on all the mobile networks across India and also across the world.

In this advanced era, Bulk Mobile messaging has become a prerequisite marketing tool for enterprises.

How does Bulk SMS Work?

Mobile phone numbers of the people you intend to send messages to are submitted and will be sent to all of them at once. The message gets to all of them at the same time, except when the phone is switched off or incorrect phone number was given(in this case the message cannot be sent). Bulk SMS can be sent via:

  1. Web Based Control Panel
  2. Bulk SMS Software
  3. Custom Website / Software application using our API

What is Bulk SMS Gateway?

Bulk SMS gateway is a system with which organizations/ institutions enables themselves for sending or receiving large volumes of SMS by using bulk mobile messaging solutions.

The Bulk messaging service follows a specific channel with particular bandwidth limitation. The message senders can also receive delivery reports for the sent SMS. The most useful feature of this service is that a single SMS can be forwarded to a large number of people at a single point of time. Minimum number of recipient is 1 and can be increased to a large volume of numbers.

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